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The Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce is a committed group of business people who believe in seeking the best outcomes for our long term business future in the region, by working together and with other key stakeholders to achieve the right results.

We are the leading member based business organisation in the region. We remain not for profit and are fiercely independent of this status and objective reputation.

We speak as one voice, for small businesses in particular on a diverse range of core business related matters.

We are recognised and respected by all levels of government and actively and regularly engaged in consultation by them.

We are professional in process and procedures – and follow best practice in all we do administratively and operationally.

We are totally committed to assist small businesses equip themselves with the very best information about legislative obligations, marketing and promotional opportunities and to source cost effective training courses and workshops.

We are friendly and like minded proactive individuals.

We enjoy introducing members to each other to create business opportunities.

We understand similar difficulties, situations and challenges business owners face daily. How – the Chamber is a small business too!

Why people should join us?

We really care and believe in our region and its well managed future.

We really believe in securing a sustainable return on our long term commitment to become established and live here.

We are very good as an organisation at what we do – professional at all levels.

We have fun, and are protective of our members and their reputations, and the integrity of this proud organisation.

We are a very cost effective way for individuals to be heard on business related matters.

We can introduce people to each other en masse through our various networking activities.

We can introduce them to key decision makers not easily accessed individually.

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